Canada (Quebec) Immigrant Investor Program

Country at a glance

The world’s second largest country by landmass, Commonwealth country Canada is a bilingual, culturally diverse nations and regularly ranks among the world’s foremost countries with regards to quality of life, political freedom and economic development.

Continent: Americas
Population: 35 million
Official language(s): English, French
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Form of government: Parliamentary Democracy
Member of: OECD, WTO
Independent since: 1931

Programs at a glance

Among the earliest and most popular residence programs, the QIIP annually admits 1750 experienced business people and entrepreneurs.

Inaugural year: 1986
Visa-free travel to: 172 countries and territories
Grants right of settlement in: Canada
Time to citizenship: 4 years
Investment type(s): Government bonds
Minimum investment (not including fees): CAD 800,000
Investment recoverability: Principal sum is recoverable
Application-related fees: Starting at CAD 16,775 for a single applicant
Residence requirements: 2 years in 5 years for the renewal of the permanent residence card


A common-law jurisdiction, Canada is among the safest, wealthiest and most culturally diverse countries in the world.  The QIIP allows investors to obtain permanent residence in Canada without requiring years of prior residence. The principal investment is fully recoverable.

Investment Requirements

To qualify for the QIIP, prospective applicants must purchase non-interest bearing government bonds worth CAD 800,000 and maintain the investment for 5.5 years.


Principal Applicants must pay a processing fee of CAD 16,775 A spouse is subject to a fee of CAD 1,050 and dependents to a fee of CAD 150.


  • All applicants must have a clean criminal record and be in good health.
  • The principal applicant must document a net worth of at least CAD 1.6 million and two years of managerial experience from within the last five years in legal, commercial, agricultural or industrial fields.
  • Applicants receive their Certificate of Selection from Quebec within 1 year.
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