Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Country at a glance

Only recently attracting tourists on a large scale, Grenada sports an exotic combination of gold-colored beaches, spice plantations and mountain peaks clad in tropical vegetation.

Continent: Americas (Caribbean)
Population: 107,000
Official language(s): English
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Form of government: Parliamentary Democracy
Member of: CARICOM, OECS
Independent since: 1974

Programs at a glance

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act of 2013 established the right of qualified applicants to “acquire permanent residence and citizenship of Grenada by registration following investment in Grenada.” The program offers one of the quickest and simplest application processes in the world.

Inaugural year: 2013 (reintroduced)
Visa-free travel to: 131 countries and territories
Grants right of settlement in: Grenada and 14 other CARICOM member states
Time to citizenship: 3 to 4 months
Investment type(s): Cash contribution/real estate
Minimum investment (not including fees): US$200,000
Investment recoverability: Investments in real estate are fully recoverable
Application-related fees: Starting at US$8,000 for a single applicant
Residence requirements: None


Grenada passport holders have visa-free travel to 127 countries and territories, including the Schengen countries, UK, and uniquely among CIP countries, China. By virtue of its CARICOM membership, Grenada also provides its citizens with the right to settle permanently in 14 other Caribbean nations.

Investment Requirements

To qualify for the Grenada CIP, applicants must make one of the following investments:


  • A real estate investment amounting to no less than US$ 350,000


  • For a family of up to four members, a US$200,000 non-refundable cash contribution to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund and an additional US$25,000 for each family member beyond four.


All applicants must pay an application fee of US$1,500 per person, a due diligence fee of US$5000 for adults (US$2,000 for dependents aged 12-17) and a processing fee of US$1,500 for adults (US$500 for dependents 12-17).

Investors applying under the program’s real estate option are further subject to government fees amounting to US$50,000 for a family of up to four and an additional US$25,000 per dependent beyond that.


  • All applicants must have a clean criminal record and be in good health.
  • Under ordinary circumstances, applications are processed within 60 business days. Under the program’s real estate option, applicants must enter into contractual agreements to buy property before submitting the citizenship application. Upon approval, the government will request that the applicant complete either the property transaction or the cash contribution, as applicable, before issuing the Certificate of Naturalization.
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