Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP)

Country at a glance

A former British colony and popular tourist destination, Malta is a Mediterranean archipelago with a mild climate, well-developed infrastructure, English education system and stable political environment.

Continent: Europe
Official language(s):
English, Maltese
Form of government:
Parliamentary republic
Member of:
European Union, Eurozone, Schengen, WTO
Independent since:

Programs at a glance

The only such program officially endorsed by the European Commission, the MIIP is the crème de la crème of citizenship plans. Identity Malta, the MIIP’s governing body, applies a four-tier due diligence procedure to all applications to safeguard the repute of Maltese citizenship.

Inaugural year: 2014
Visa-free travel to: 173 countries and territories
Grants right of settlement in: Malta and 27 other European countries
Time to citizenship: 12-13 months
Investment type(s): Contribution and government bond purchase and real estate
Minimum investment (not including fees): EUR 890,000
Investment recoverability: The investment is partly recoverable
Application-related fees: Starting at EUR 8,200 for a single applicant
Residence requirements: Minimum of  two weeks in first year


Maltese passport holders have visa-free travel to 169 countries and territories, including Schengen countries, UK, US, Australia and Canada as well as the right to work, study and settle permanently in all EU states. While applicants need not reside in Malta, those who do enjoy very favorable terms of taxation, a low cost of living and an overall high quality of life.

Investment Requirements

To qualify for the MIIP, applicants must make each of the following three investments:


  • For a single applicant, a EUR 650,000 contribution to the National Development and Social Fund, an additional EUR 25,000 for spouse and for each dependent under 18 years old, as well as EUR 50,000 for each dependent between 18 and 26 years of age and 55 years of age and above


  • A purchase or lease of real estate in Malta for at least five years: Rental fees must amount to no less than EUR 16,000 p.a. and property acquisitions to a minimum of EUR 350,000.


  • The acquisition of government securities worth EUR 150,000. The applicant must maintain this investment for five years, but the securities are interest-bearing.


Each candidate is subject to due diligence fees, which apply as follows:

Principal applicant – EUR7,500
Spouse – EUR5,000
Minor dependents (aged 13-17) – EUR3,000 each
Adult dependents – EUR5,000 each

Identity Malta also charges a EUR500 fee per issued passport.

Finally, a one-time bank charge of EUR200 applies.


  • All applicants must have a clean criminal record, be in good health and subscribe to a global health insurance policy covering US$50,000 in medical expenses.
  • The application for citizenship can be submitted at any time
  • The Certificate of Naturalisation and Passport will not be issued until 1 years residency is complete. Once lodged, citizenship application process time is 120 days.
  • Applicants pay 10% of the NDSF contribution and government fees prior to submitting the application. Successful applicants receive an Approval in Principle, and final approval is conditional on the fulfillment of investment requirements and payment of fees.
  • Finally, the applicant swears an Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Malta and receives a Certificate of Naturalization.
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