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Dual citizenship, in short, drastically expands your room to maneuver on a global scale and gives you a greater buffer against life’s vicissitudes.

Until recently, states only extended citizenships to those entitled to such certificates by birth, descent, marital ties, many years of residence in the country or exceptional ability.


Beginning with St Kitts & Nevis in 1984, however, an unconventional path to naturalization emerged: Citizenship by investment programs (CIPs), a legal means of acquiring citizenships in exchange for substantial capital injections in certain states. In 2017, the number of jurisdictions offering instant citizenships in return for contributions has grown to eight, and many more grant nationality following a period of residence.


CIPs allow investors, as well as their families, to become full-fledged passport-holders of a reputable country of their choosing, usually by way of purchasing real estate, government bonds or publicly traded shares, by opening a business or by donating liquid assets.


Investors who avail themselves of these programs generally hold passports that, for a variety of reasons, limit their liberty or security, for example by restricting their mobility, privacy or educational opportunities, or by exposing them to armed conflict, economic repression and even political persecution.

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A second citizenship reduces the vulnerability linked to possessing only one nationality and confers a wide array of advantages, such as…

  • Visa-free travel to a number of attractive destinations including the Schengen states, Australia, Hong Kong and, in many cases, Canada and the US.
  • The ability to study, work, retire and invest in the most dynamic economies in the world
  • The protection of your wealth or your person from political persecution, economic repression, war or natural disasters
  • Consular assistance from a greater network of diplomatic stations across the globe


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